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Started by Evan Bottcher, March 18, 2010, 02:19:04 PM

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shane wescott

Looking for a good welder for some small rust repairs in the Northern Suburbs - any suggestions ?


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...3 days after my first encounter with Mattew and Alfamen..
I came to pick up early in the morning my companys Nissan parked across his workshop...and i dont wont to get out of my thinking whats happening why did i left it for so long...thinking again..last three days since i got the Alfa back from service i dont wont to get out of her..driving to work daily... coming home and asking my wife should i go and get something from the shops or take the kids somewhere, or just go and drive my uncle somewhere..she says ive spent too much i think no i wanna spend bit more..she says too many cars we have, i say yes but only one Alfa..i increased the price on carsales for $3000 and i know that noone will call but im still happy..
....hmmm, i love Alfas and everything about them, but this is something different..its like i found a new bigger spot in my heart for my Bella, im again in love...
What has happened this few days...i dont know...
I just know that my Bella wasnt at a mechanic, it was at a Alfa Romeo magician..
Im writing this in front of Alfamen service in Brooklyn 6.30 in the morning, and yes ill leave the Nissan couple of more days for sure..or i dont want it anymore...
...driving away with a smile on my face....
I just love her
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Quote from: John Hanslow on November 04, 2013, 08:02:50 AM
New Alfa service provider in the western suburbs - Alfa Men.   

They will now be advertising with the club.  refer link on our homepage or:

Matt is a top guy too, he is one of the most helpful mechanics about, happy to advise &

runs a great workshop too. IMO


February the 6th 2015, Alfamen Workshop Visit for modern Alfa Romeo's, about 10 weeks to go, 40 places only, book now or miss out, not held during the Grand Prix week, so there is no excuse not to go.
Bookings are coming in now, new members welcome, current members also welcome, even old members who have relapsed are also welcome on board.
Contact Colin Thomas,
0407 090 826.
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a big +1 goes to Monza Motors (Alfpa Repairs) at Bayswater.
Just before Christmas, I was experiencing a long brake pedal in the 159. It was also chewing brake fluid. Took it to Hugh, who in less than 5 minutes diagnosed the problem. The brake fluid line from the reservoir to the master cylinder had been rubbing on an air-conditioning line, and a small hole had developed (a fault at time of manufacture).
Above and beyond the call-of-duty, Hugh liaised with the not-so-helpful people at my warranty company (the car being second hand, and coming with a 3 year extended warranty from the dealer) and obtained authorisation for the works to be done under warranty - thus not costing me a cent.
Mick was great with the repair as he also put an extra piece of tubing around where the new brake fluid line was close to the air-conditioning line - to protect the brake fluid line so that the issue wouldn't arise again. The work was done on the 23rd of December, and I was very pleased to have the car back before Christmas. Potsie     
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Hi all,

Seeing as this thread refers to recommendations for servicing places, I thought I'd post this here.

I'm set to pick up my first Alfa tomorrow, a 2014 Giulietta JTDM2.0 that I picked up for a decent price, and I was wanting to perhaps have some cosmetic changes done on the interior, namely with the dashboard, and possibly a sunroof.

I'd want to have this done factory, so to speak. I did a search through the forums, but couldn't see anything on fitting factory options to a used Alfa.

How can you find out what options are available, and where would you take the car to have it done?

Thank you.


I had some great work done on my 159 Ti JTD by Seb at Mauceri Motors in Clayton in the south east. Would highly recommend them


Quote from: Jords.L on November 15, 2017, 04:34:23 PM
I had some great work done on my 159 Ti JTD by Seb at Mauceri Motors in Clayton in the south east. Would highly recommend them

Another vote for Sebastian and his team from me, they look after both my cars   


Hey guys, can anyone recommend a classic car panel beater to repair an Alfa 105 Veloce. I am after preferably a semi retired panel beater that can work out of a workshop based in Chadstone Melbourne or their place. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated [emoji1317]

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In the search for a new mechanic I  tried  in Thomastown.  Love his clean spacious set-up, including a short black served up by his partner from a real cafe espresso machine!

What is it with Thomastown that has 4 Alfa Romeo service shops?  Must be because of the number of Alfas I see in Nillumbik Shire


Hi Guys, the link on the first post of this thread is supposed to be a list of Club sponsors. That's not what opens up when I click on the links.
It turns out to be a membership application form.
Im looking for an independent Alfa specialist in the Doncaster area. I have a Giulietta I would like to have a pre-purchase inspection carried out on, and the owner doesn't want to go very far from home.



For the list of sponsors, go to the referenced link home page (AROCA VIC) and scroll down on RHS.
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+1 for Sebastiano!  I just love looking at the collection of racing photos from the old country outside the office.
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