Looking for a 147 or 156 GTA to buy

Started by Dr Alfa, March 09, 2023, 04:44:01 PM

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Dr Alfa

Starting to look around for a good condition 147 GTA or 156 GTA to buy as a new toy. Have previously owned the 147 GTA and looking to get back into something similar. Not in a rush, so an SA car that I can physically look at that's been well looked after would be be ideal. If you're thinking of selling one, send me a message.


Hi There Doc
Contact Malcolm, membership@alfaclubsa.org.au our club has a 2003 156 GTA for sale in our club magazine. Cheers Malcolm.
Malcolm Ebel
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Dr Alfa

Hey Malcolm. Reckon that's the one I just bought. Thx for the tip though.