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Started by Denmarc, February 10, 2023, 04:26:35 PM

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I am looking to refresh my GT wheels as the paint has broken down in places and there is some gutter rash.
Can any member recommend a specialist workshop accessible from Essendon.
I visited Newway Wheel Repairs to be told they are undergoing some major upgrading and are currently taking trade and insurance work only.


Newway Wheels haven't been taking private work for quite some time due to the volume of insurance and trade work. There is another place in Richmond but can't recall their name unfortunately.
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Colin Edwards

Wheel Solutions - off Church Street Richmond.  In behind the old Bryant & May match factory. 
I took the 19" wheels off the 159 to them.  Very happy with the work.  Apparently at the time they did all the wheel work for Zagame.
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Thanks for the responses.  Colin, I have great reports about Wheel Solutions.  Think I will go with them.