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Started by Southy66, December 16, 2022, 08:58:01 AM

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Just a quick introductory hello. I share a 1973 Spider with my siblings, inherited from our father. Actually we've been mainly Lancia people, starting with my father's Beta coupe, then Fulvia coupe and Flavia coupe (which has been in my sister's long-term ownership). But the Spider is a good jigger.
Cheers for now.
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Welcome to the Forum.

Hahha. The waters get murky when a Fiat X19 is Lancia powered and enters Alfa sponsored events.

The Spiders hold their value well and the best way to hold that value is to maintain and use them. If you use it with the top down, be sure to take sun and windburn precautions.

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vin sharp

Welcome. Keep an eye out for drives and other events up in your part of the world. The Goldfieds group of members do quite a few things around the area. Based out of Ballarat mostly, with Leon Cottle usually leading the charge.