Can anyone ID this car (Not Alfa)? Solved.

Started by pbhawkin, January 21, 2023, 11:22:48 AM

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Hi all,
On a trip to Italy in 2019 I took this photo in Lake Como at the lights and so didn't get a chance to get better or more pictures.
The script on the side seems to be "Faast III" or "Paast III" and the Insignia on the hubcaps seems to be 'FN' or 'FZ' or maybe 'PN' or 'PZ'.

anyone able to identify it?

1972 Alfa Spider

norman gen

looks like a facel vega (french) of some sort


Speed costs money - how fast do you want to go?


Thank you SuperGiuli! A facel Vega III it is.
1972 Alfa Spider