AWN Insurance Extended warranty?

Started by 123BJB, January 09, 2023, 10:05:41 PM

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Has anyone here purchased the above? My 2017 Veloce model 5yr manufacturers warranty is about to run out and I'm a bit cautious as I've had a few warranty issues go wrong over the 5 years. A SECOND sunroof failure just yesterday, o rings, radiator, peeling leather dash, fuel pump, coolant tank. I assume a lot of these were replaced with upgraded parts, but hey, it's a few. I love the car dearly but I don't want it to become a toxic love affair.

Quoted 3200 from McCarrols for an extra 3 years. Seems expensive and from what I'm reading, not worth it? Happy to be persuaded by very positive reviews!

While I'm here, any great recommends for passionate, fair, great Alfa service south of the bridge in Sydney, pref inner west? Thx in advance.

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