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Started by ronald jleejlee, November 10, 2022, 02:41:05 AM

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ronald jleejlee

Hi there! new user here, names Ronald. I am alfa lover, my father used to have Giulia Cloverleaf. This car was his love, and he used to spend a lot of time taking care of it. I am thinking of Alfa Romeo as my first car, I thought I might seek here for an advice on what to choose


Welcome to the loony bin mate.

Hard to guess what would suit you - what's your budget and what's your taste - pre Fiat (ie pre-'87) or "modern" Alfas?

Being a first car, anything pre-'87 you'll probably need to be a bit handy with the spanners and the big bogey to be wary of is rust. (And the prices of pretty much everything in that class are going crazy).

If you're less fixed on pre-Fiat, and want something relatively inexpensive, reliable, rust free, and a good driver as a first car, I'd recommend something like a 916 series GTV or 932 series 156 sedan/147 hatch - on the proviso its been properly maintained its whole life, has the service records to prove it, and has a conventional manual gearbox (not a selespeed). I'm biased toward V6 156 sedans - but you'll struggle to find a manual, though the Q-auto is not bad for a conventional slushbox. And keep in mind these are all now getting on for 20-25 years old, so things will need replacing.

Plenty of others on here would also likely recommend a pre-2016 Giulietta QV (2015 was the last year with conventional 6sp manual gearbox) that has been properly maintained if you like modern hatchbacks (not my thing).

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Hi Ronald

Some straight forward advice from poohbah. This advice largely relates to the cars as you have requested.

My advice is to ask yourself the all important question.

"Why do I specifically want to own an Alfa Romeo?"

The answer will lead you to the nature of  the vehicle to chose.
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