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Started by alfa duk, May 22, 2023, 12:16:30 PM

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alfa duk

Is the clear coat on the standard gta wheel gloss or matte or could you have either. Some other sites say gloss but mine appear matte
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Don't know the answer sorry but can you get matte clear coat? I thought the point of clear coat is to provide a glossy finish (and protect the paint).

Maybe yours were gloss when new and have faded to a matte finish with time? Have you had the car since new?

Dr Alfa

Having re-done my wheels on my old 147 GTA, the original finish was like a satin finish - little more sheene than matte but definitely not gloss. I know this because the wheels accumulated dirt and pitted very easily because of the finish if you didn't clean the brake dust regularly. After talking with my repair shop and fixing some kerb rash I decided to re-spray in the original colour and put a gloss clear coat on purely because of ease of cleaning - helps to make the wheel much easier to clean and prevent pitting provided you clean them reasonably frequently and well.


Great suggestion Doc - I have to get the teledials on my GTA refurbished too - this is excellent advice.
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