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Late Series 2 Spider dash lights
« on: November 12, 2022, 07:27:43 PM »
I have noticed that my centre panel 4-light cluster is not the same as many other series 2 spiders.

My car is a 1976 model which seems to vary from both the (LHD) owner's manual, and also on most other cars which I have looked at, in that it has an amber blower light located in the 4-light cluster, rather than a blue high beam warning.

My speedo carries the blue high beam warning light rather than the blower warning light, so it seem odd that Jaeger would have run such a very limited production run of differently labeled speedos, to perhaps satisfy a uniquely Australian requirement.

Also I am now unsure of the positioning of each light, since I recently had them all out to refurbish the dash.

From memory they should be;
  Top/left - Red -Low Oil Pressure, top/right - Red - Choke
  Low/left - Green - Parking Lights, low/right - blue - High beam (or for older spiders - amber - Blower)

I have looked at numerous pics online and there seems to be some variation (perhaps caused by similar memory loss to mine)

It would be good to find out if anyone really knows for sure.

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