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Started by PatrickC, October 23, 2022, 05:26:21 PM

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Hi brains trust. I am moving to the Sunshine Coast from NSW. I have 2 classic Alfas. We have a 60 day logbook scheme in NSW which is great. Is it the same in Qld? Also, am I right in saying that both cars will need a blue slip (engineers cert.) from a Qld authority? Thanks in advance!


Answers you require are here:-
Blue plating is only required if the vehicle is extensively modified.
A transfer of registration may require a Qld Road Worthy Certificate.
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Ah thanks for that. I was hoping QLD had the 60 day logbook thing like NSW. It appears that it doesn't.... shame.


Qld has a similar system through the relevant car clubs with historic rego. Best to contact the local aroca Qld club for details.
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As I understand it they are completely different.

The QLD system is very restrictive (endorsed club events only, etc.)

The NSW system seems to be far more sensible allowing time limited personal (normal) use.

I'd find a way to keep the vehicle registered in NSW (family member, yada yada)
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Give me a yell when you get up here Patrick. I haven't seen the green Alfetta in the flesh for about 15 years.

My wife Christina and I have a place in Maleny in the Sunny Coast Hinterland.

Cheers, Brent Hampstead.