3.0 GTV Replacement oil cooler and Pressure Transducer

Started by Ascari32, November 16, 2022, 09:55:00 PM

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Attached is a picture of my new 916 GTV 3.0 Oil Cooler and Hoses, plus Oil Pressure Transducer.

The procedure for replacing this item seemed unnecessarily expensive, with the hard - line either fully replaced or rubber hoses connected from a new cooler module and then sweat-ed onto, the previously cut hard - line and jubilee clipped. The second method I think is extremely shabby, as I found out when being supplied a similar kit for my 1.9 GT. Not only that, but the fittings which were supplied for the GTV oil cooler were metric, yet the hard - line is imperial.

So, for ~ £80, I had a local hydraulic specialist make up a set of hoses and supply imperial fittings for the cooler + Dowty Washers and high - grade connectors which will not seize should I need to remove the oil cooler again at some point.

Whist I was about it, I decided to fit a 100-psi transducer into one of the legs, by way of a tee - piece. It comes with a digital display for reading the pressure, as yet unfitted as I want to: a, fit it somewhere unobtrusive and b, not make any modifications to the bodywork around the area it is located. Current thinking is to fit the electronics and display module under the bonnet using an existing fitting, then wire a second display into the ash tray housing: remove the ash tray and fabricate a removable display for the housing, where it can be quickly removed should anyone wish to do so!

Anyway, with my car having only thirty thousand miles from new - December 1998, having owned it since June 2000; it stood for over a year in the show room unsold, it remains in pristine condition and has only ever been used for continental holidays, mostly to Switzerland and Italy. I have recently had both bumpers resprayed due to the usual pink complexion they developed, although the rest of the bodywork remains untouched. However, it has given me an opportunity to inspect the behind bumper areas, which as one would expect of such a low mileage car, is completely free of any corrosion.

The fourth attachment is of my Q4 3.2, alongside my son's 280 Giulia - Although I bought him a 155 2.5 wide track some years ago, he never really got much use out of it, having health problems. However, he has finally made the leap of faith and he loves it to bits.