RHD Pedal Box GTV 105 MK1

Started by Micko, October 05, 2022, 08:12:20 AM

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Hi everyone,

I pulled my carpet out a few days ago and discovered the pedal box was missing. The last guy that did up this car obviously couldn't get one and left it out. Not having it there makes the carpet not sit well. Classic Alfa only have them for LHD (same with floor sections) just wondering if anyone knows of a RHD version available anywhere? Otherwise I guess I will need to fabricate my own


RHD 105 cars were very different to LHD cars
(Completely different pedal boxes and floors - it was never an inverse mirror)

Have a read (to the end) of this https://www.alfabb.com/threads/105-floor-mounted-pedals.566081/#post-7668154
Post #15 has some good diagrams

For clarity

Do you simply have no pedals?
Do you have floor mounted pedals that pivot under the car (normal)?

Some pictures would help
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Thanks for that,

Yes it has pedals as standard (floor mount) but I assumed there should have been a pedal box. I will read through the link tonight and educate myself and see where it leads


Now I see! The RHD doesn't have the same (but mirror) of the LHD. I assumed it would have but just has the "pedal box" as part of the clutch and brake pedal pivot assembly bolting under the floor and a boot with metal frame holding it down to the floor.
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction