Alfa Giulietta Spider sighting

Started by Anth73, April 28, 2022, 03:41:37 PM

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Had a lovely coincidence earlier this week whilst driving my newly acquired 2012 Giulietta QV. Travelling east along Darebin Road Fairfield I realised I was following what I believe was a Typo 101 Giulietta Spider. We went our separate ways at the Oriel Road T-intersection but I lingered as long as I could to spy the Spider in my rear view mirror and its driver was wearing a beaming smile too at the coincidence.

Wonder if it was anyone on this forum?
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There was a pale blue one in Maranello Pursang the other week, gorgeous  and in fully restored condition. Hardly see anything like that on the roads these days.
When I drive my Spider I get people waving and taking photos.
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Could have been my 1960 101 spider
Was out that way
Great car
Has been totally reliable and fun since restoration in the 90s.
Still only 45000mls