Boot solenoid

Started by GTVeloce, July 22, 2022, 10:29:45 AM

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I'm wondering if anyone has successfully installed a boot solenoid into their 75? I bought a kit and did a dummy install to test it works but I found the solenoid didn't have enough 'pull' to open the boot. It may have been that I need to fully install it before it will work but I would prefer to be sure before I drill holes in the bodywork to affix the solenoid. The kit I am using looks remarkably similar to the solenoid Shinycar found in his boot (hence I've stolen his pic - thanks!). I have also installed mine in a similar way/location. All I haven't done is affix the lower screws (requires drilling bodywork hence my hesitation) and to remove the original cable. Maybe I didn't pull the cable through hard enough but it felt tight and firm but just didn't pull the lever far enough to release the boot in testing.

Has anyone got this setup working successfully?