Sud special tools for output shafts

Started by spoynter, July 21, 2022, 04:16:18 PM

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Hi Alfisti,
I need to address the leaking output shaft seals on my Sud, but am in need of the special tools (or an alternative trick) to pull the locking ring off the shaft and the bearing out of the carrier. I have a new set of seals, and bearings too, but need A.3.0298 and A.3.0299 to fit them based on the workshop manual (pic attached). There is another tool - A.3.0293 - to fit the shaft back in, but I think I can get away without this one.

Does anyone have these tools that they would be prepared to sell or lend me to do this please?


I've got my hands on A.3.0298 - that should break the back of the job!  :)