73 spider dual circuit master cylinder issues....rebuild kit?

Started by 1600GTV, February 02, 2022, 11:56:03 AM

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Hi all
my 12/73 spider has not been used much and i now have a pedal that doesnt want to hold pressure...i can pump it and get pressure but seems to me master cylinder seal has failed?
I have 2 new boosters so they are good
fluid level is correct in both reservoirs
could it be anything else?
if it is master cylinder I note they are about $600 in uk
is there rebuild kits in australia? or a cheaper source of master cylinders (dual circuit)
Im in Victoria on mornington peninsula
cheers Andy 0431 603536


I had a dual master cyl for my GTJunior  rebuilt here in Brisbane (Wynnum) by an old school brake place.  They didn't seem particularly fussed by it, cost less than $200./

There's bound to be an old school brake place somewhere in Melb., that can do the same (shirley).
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Hi Andy,
I have a 9/73 Australian delivered spider, I'll give you a call and take you through some of my experience in these dual circuit systems and fixing a few problems with them. The reason I'll call is because you can go down several avenues trying to get these systems sorted, might be easier on the phone.
Cheers Graeme
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I just went through a master cylinder exercise with my '76 spider.

Many years ago I replaced it with a new one after a total brake failure, and kept the old master cylinder.

Some years later I again replaced the master cylinder with a new one, but this time had the removed one re-sleeved and set aside as a spare.

My latest episode involved what appeared to be leaking seals, since there was excessive pedal travel with the ability to "pump up" to a normal pedal height.

Seeing as the re-sleeved cylinder seals might have deteriorated from sitting unused for maybe 15 years, I attempted to have it tested prior to replacing the suspect unit on the car.  This was not possible so I elected to have a replacement seal kit fitted.

When the re-sleeved/re-sealed master was fitted, both my mechanic, and later myself were unable to deliver any fluid to the front circuit.

I ended up taking the problematic master cylinder to another brake expert who was able to find that the front and rear springs had been fitted in reverse order.

The corrected assembly was duly fitted and functioned normally, however I am still able to pump up to a higher pedal position, although much less than before and suspect that there might still be some air lurking somewhere in the system.

The original cylinder has now been sent to someone in Lismore, who I was told, was the only one to be able to re-sleeve such an old and seized cylinder as mine.
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