Tyre choice 14 inch - 105 coupe

Started by xitsurf, June 21, 2022, 08:17:18 PM

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Hey guys,
   Do people have an idea of good tyre choices for road driving. 
  Have been  caught up in the hype for below tyres. ...
   would love to buy some 185/70VR14 PIRELLI CINTURATO for my Alfa but expensive and hard to get.
   Are there some good other options locally.?
  Note i have at present some off the shelf 14 by 185/70-    what an i missing out on with better suited tryes.?


I'm using Pirelli Cintuarto P6 195 x 60 x R14
Slightly lower profile and a bit wider, should be easy to get.
Remember your tyres are all you have between your 105 and the road.


Thanks for answer.
  What i asked was for other options that are available locally. The Pirelli is a top dollar priced tyre.
    The Pirelli does get mentioned a lot on numerous forums along with other " classic brands" -  All obviously very good tyres for our early Alfas.
   Looking at cars 4 sale on aussie sites like " car sales".  there are numerous brands on top priced cars.
  i am just asking peoples opinions on these other options.

vin sharp

For what its worth, when I got my low mileage 1750, it was fitted with some modern Michelins, 185/65 /14 from memory. While these drove ok and worked quite well in general terms, the road noise from stiff sidewalls, and heavy steering from flatter broader tread was more than a bit annoying. Raising the pressures substantially helped the steering, but the noise and ride got horrible.  It should not have to be like that.
I ultimately put a set of Michelin XAS 175/14. Well to my surprise they transformed the car into a real pleasure to drive, and certainly with the modern compound really don't give anything away on grip, wet or dry at 'spirited' road speeds. The adhesion limit is so progressive you can be fooled in thinking about your direct blood-line from Jim Clark.... :) 
If you really like to enjoy your 105, I suggest it is relatively small money for a lot for pleasurable return.
Life is too short for Bob Jane All-Rounders or Wang-Chung Maxx-Ho's on your 105!


Some say that to run anything other than 185s is incorrect.

I beg to differ, and agree that the driving experience from the lighter steering with the 175s more than compensates for the the extra grip of the 185s.

My choice is Pirelli Cinturato P1 175/65/14 at 36 psi on my '76 spider and I imagine that the coupe would not be too much different.

Interestingly, the original spec on the car was for 165s!
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