Author Topic: How many hours to fit Alfaholics stage 1 engine and suspension packages for 105?  (Read 58 times)

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Looking to take a very solid '67 Sprint GTV and sympathetically upgrade chassis and existing engine to sharpen handling and add a little hp for road use only. For my budget estimates I'd like to hear the experiences of others of how many hours labour for a competent Alfa mechanic to complete a) the Alfaholics stage 1 engine and b) stage 1 full suspension rebuild package (not the more basic fast road basic suspension kit).

Also any comments on the worthiness and benefits of the stage 1 engine package for the 1600 Sprint GT Veloce engine based on experience? The engine in the car is very sound and ideally I'd like to keep this original rather than replace with a 1750 or 2000 unit.


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It can easily be done in a day by anybody who knows there way around a 105 and has a press.
If you want the original bits blasted and painted you will need extra time (obviously)
Setting geometry isnít difficult for any shop as long as you advise the procedure to centre the wheel first

What suspension does it have now?
What type of driving are you going to be doing?

Iíd pull the 1600 and replace it with a TS.. you can always point to it in the shed if people get upset, then drive away, quickly, smoothly, easily.
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