Northern NSW - SELLING 159 JTD Ti 2012 $11K ONO Auto 149Kkm Sedan Black

Started by fabio159, October 02, 2021, 02:15:25 PM

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Hi AlfaClubbers,
It is time for me to sell Fabio. I won't bore you with the details as I'm sure if you're a member of this site then you probably already know everything there is to know about the car. Having said that, if you have any questions at all, ask away. The only change made to the car after leaving the factory is the window tinting (because this car already had everything it needed). For photos please see the listing on CarsGuide - rego CAG51M - or get in contact and I'll happily send them through. Sorry, I can't figure out how to upload them on here.

Below is the blurb I have written to sell it on the commercial websites, so I apologise if it's all information you already know:

I love this car but it's time to get a 4x4. It truly is a driver's car: powerful, responsive, sticks to the road like it's on train tracks, and the turbo diesel purrs. Both myself and the previous owner have kept the car garaged and it comes with a full service history. Premium window tinting also has a lifetime warranty.

The Ti version is the top of the range trim complete with all the bells and whistles. My favourite features include:
- reversing sensors and option to set automatic adjustment of mirrors when reversing.
- extremely comfortable leather seats, driver and front passenger both heated with electric adjustments and lumbar support.
- driver's seat has memory buttons for 3 drivers, which automatically adjusts the seat and mirrors to each driver's preference. This is a dream when someone else drives the car because you just press your button and everything is back where you like it.
- electric sunroof that also lifts at the rear to create a subtle draft or allow airflow when parked.
- the key remote can be used to fully open the windows and sunroof before you get to the car on a hot day.
- sensational sound system with aux input, iPod, USB, radio, CD/DVD, eReader, photo album, video input, etc.
- bluetooth handsfree phone system.
- enormous boot, even before you open it up by lowering the split back seats down to pretty much flat and there's a pass-through hole in the back seats too.
- dual climate control.
- cruise control that handles hills brilliantly.
- fold in side mirrors.
- touch screen Blue and Me infotainment system with SatNav (currently needs calibrating/troubleshooting for the touch response, however all except the SatNav can be operated through the steering wheel and remote control so I haven't looked in to getting this fixed because I haven't really needed to).

If there's anything else you're curious about that I may have missed just ask.