Alfasud digital clock

Started by herbyj, September 03, 2021, 02:06:36 PM

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The digital clock in my Alfasud Ti Qv has stopped working.
It's made by Borg, I think, rectangular in shape.
Not sure whether it's the wiring or the clock itself, it was working intermittently until recently.
My service guy checked it and couldn't get it going so I suspect it's the clock itself.
Does anyone have one that they want to sell or knows where I can find one?


It is probably the same as the one in my 75. It would only work intermittently and every time it dropped out the time would reset to 0.

I opened it up and just touched up all the soldered joints I could manage and that seems to have worked. I now have a regular clock. Even got the light to work!

I have also seen them for sale new but the price was more than I was prepared to pay for a clock (can't remember exactly but something like 150-200 Euro).


Yes, they seem hard to come by and expensive if you find one.
I'll pull it out and check the solder joints, possibly a join which has gone dry over time.