2017 Alfa Quadrifoglio Centre Dash Display Stopped

Started by AlfaJB, August 26, 2021, 07:03:21 PM

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Just purchased and transported my 2017 Alfa Quadrifoglio to Brisbane about a month ago.
I am really enjoying driving it and it has been great until earlier this week when the center dash display between the Taco and Speedo stopped working. The other display above the console is working fine.  Anyone have a similar experience with their dash? Any suggestions on fault finding or repair including who can do this work in Brisbane.
Just found out the Ferrari workshop in Newstead who was the official Alfa factory service centre is no long accepting any service work on Alfas.


(Otherwise, I'd be looking for the dimmer switch, fuses and or cable connectors under the dash)

(and it's Tacho, not taco.. unless you're propping your lunch there)  ;D
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