TS resto

Started by DJH, July 24, 2021, 03:12:01 PM

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Beatle - sadly cant claim the workshop as my own!   Rob, my mechanic that has done the vast bulk of the work on the car is nice enough to let me help out in his workshop when Im allowed out of my 5 km limit.  My skills are limited to disassembly, cleaning, assembly and constantly taking skin off my knuckles.  When it come to the machining work Im out of my depth.

Paul - the system is an Alfaholics one.  Fit without many issues at all and looks really good.  Dont know what it sounds like yet as the electrical gremlin persists - its been shipped off to someone who knows a bit more about that.  Otherwise car is almost ready to get RWC and be returned to service as my daily driver.


Hi all

Car finally on the road.  A few bits and pieces to iron out but nice to hear the twin spark growl again.  Once its properly worn in it should rev out very nicely.

Before I go to the usual sources - anyone got an interior door grab handle they want to sell me?  (its rear passenger side but they might all be similar)  A bit of overly aggressive door closing and the existing one has shouted enough.