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Started by NigelC, May 18, 2020, 09:18:24 AM

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So often the good news fails to get aired so I offer this story: My 2017 Giulia Veloce is fitted with the optional Harman Kardon stereo which gives stunning sound. However, when it was fitted by a drunk 12 year old with a blunt knife the dash pad was damaged. Apart from unsightly cut edges near the speakers, the pad started to curl upwards, displaying the ugly cut lines to anyone who looked through the windscreen.
I asked my friendly dealer (Gulson Canberra - I don't have a 'dealer' in the Hollywood sense)  and he approached Alfa who have a greed to replace the dash pad in July. Good service and thanks to all involved.
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Quote from: NigelC on May 18, 2020, 09:18:24 AM
I don't have a 'dealer' in the Hollywood sense

Suuuure you don't . . . suuure.  ;) ;)
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Gulsons was always the number 1 dealer
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939s are notorious for having a gap of a couple of millimetres in the passenger side of the centre console between the top and the side 'liner'.  Many might consider this minor, and it's probably due to RHD being an afterthought.  To me it just screamed "lack of quality" detracting from joy of ownership.  To their credit FCA replaced and refitted under warranty, and I scored a luggage net fitted to the replacement.  Sometimes they DO get it right!
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had similar in perth with Barbagallo, Battery died on car after 2 years and replaced as part of warranty was expecting to pay for new one but told no charge so happy with result.
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