Historic Winton this weekend

Started by Neil Choi, May 16, 2019, 08:28:24 AM

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Neil Choi

Big weekend of racing for Alfa.

7 Alfa members racing at Historic Winton.
62 Sb Peter Axford 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia GT
3 Sc Neil Choi 1977 Alfetta GTV
12 Sc Nick Taylor 1975 Alfa Romeo Spider.
49 Sc Peter Hillman 1979 Alfa Romeo GTV
79 Sc Hugh Harrison 1979 Alfa Romeo GTV
91 Sc Adriano DiMauro 1973 Alfa Romeo 105
105 Sc Richard East 1969 Alfa Romeo GTV

1 Vic Alfa Member (amongst 20 odd NSW members) in the Alfa Challenge at the Shannon's Nationals at SMSP.
Mick Aarons Alfetta GTV6

And then there is the debut of the 2 GRM Alfa Giulietta's in the TCR series.
Go Alfa.