2600 spider in Australia

Started by pbhawkin, June 19, 2023, 06:50:06 PM

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Hi all,
Does anyone know how many RHD 2600 spiders were delivered to Australia?

1972 Alfa Spider


"Alfa Romeo Downunder Part One - The Early Years" by David Wright [1992] mentions the 2600 Spider saying "only a handful of these cars reached Australia" [page 56]

I've never seen a Spider in Aust.
I've seen two (2600) Coupes/Sprints

Mind you, I'm not that fussed by them .. look a bit agricultural or previous generation than the 105 series cars.  They're definitely bigger inside.  Somebody who loves them will be along shortly to tell me off 👍

There's a thread on here with Massiveluvbuddy67 (Phil) mentioning that he has a register.. perhaps PM him?

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We do have a number of 2600 Spiders scattered around the place (couldn't say how many).

We also have a 2000 Spider, virtually identical (except a 4 cyl as opposed to a 6 for the 2600 and some different body detailing. eg Bonnet scoops).

The grey 2000 spider story can be found here,


The Red 2600 one is from last years Show here in Vic.



Speed costs money - how fast do you want to go?


Speed costs money - how fast do you want to go?


Thanks for the replies Craig and Paul.
Yes I mean to try out some more 105 spiders including duetto.
Paul that is a very lovely 2000! I wouldn't say no to a 2000 or 2600 but would really want a RHD version.
Maybe I should look at importing one from the UK?! 😀
1972 Alfa Spider