Prints of vintage Alfa Romeo Factory Blueprint Copies

Started by MarqueBlueprints, July 19, 2020, 09:47:31 PM

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I've been asked to gauge interest in these Alfa Romeo diagrams which have emerged after items in a private collection changed hands. Originally drawn from 1928 to 1965, these items are high quality copies on a white, slightly transparent non-fibrous material that resembles synthetic vellum paper, made in 1969, in very good condition. The originals had in some cases deteriorated before the copies were made. They are mostly roughly A1 size. In some cases it seems possible that no other extant copies, nor the originals, exist. They include production models, experimental racing cars, prototypes and Grand Prix cars.

There seems to be a lot of overlap with the well known Collector Studio collection available for sale, but some of these don't appear to be available.

The owner would like to offer prints of the most collectible and interesting of these diagrams, in full size, on Tyvek, for display or use in coachbuilding. The intent is to produce very high quality prints and offer them for sale starting at $100 each plus delivery, going up to $300 for the rarest and most interesting blueprints; these latter may be produced as limited runs of 10 each.

Would people here be interested in such a thing? If so, what options would be preferred? The images can be retouched and cleaned up, subtly or heavily, or printed in faithful reproduction of their creased and ink-stained glory. They could be block mounted, though this would add substantially to delivery costs.

Some of the blueprints include:

Telaio Montato Tipo 159 - 1951

Tipo 33 Stradale Coupe - 1968

Duetto "Osso di Seppia' - 1967

2600 Coupe - 1961

Giulietta TZ1 - 1963

Sorry for the incomplete state of the catalogue. This should be remedied in the coming week.


Hi there, I would be interested in viewing the whole collection.
I am a mechanical draftsperson, mechanical engineer and lecturer in mechanical design and would be keen to follow them up with you.
I am based in Sydney.