Giulietta Door Card Removal

Started by pafiat, May 21, 2023, 12:32:38 PM

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I recently had occassion to remove the door card on my 83 Giulietta so though it might be a good idea to document it for posterity. Some photos are attached.

- First thing to come off is the armrest, mounting screws are hidden under the grey plastic trim which has to be prised off. Two little tangs at the front which will break unless you have the hands of a surgeon. Three screws out and its off, the door handle stays with the armrest.
- Then the mirror adjustment knob (mine's electric) and surround pull off. Again, care required.
- Now, with a suitable tool release the plastc clips holding the fabric covered card to the door. One at the front and two at the rear.
- We are at the fun bit.. the fabric covered card is wedged under the black plastic trim at the top of the door and a plastic channel fixed to the bottom. These do not move and you have to bow the card outward and jiggle it so it releases from the bottom, then slide it out from under the top trim.
- At this point it should be free, unplug the speaker and put it aside. If you don't have a speaker it might slide out toward the back of the door.

I needed to replace the outer door handle. Peel back the plastic waterproofing film and two holes will be evident at the top of the door. The black plastic trim at the top of the door does not need to come off although removing the first mounting clip makes peeling the membrane back a bit easier. The bolts holding the handle and it mounting plate are accessible through there.

Re-installation is the reverse of disassembly....