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Started by Neil Choi, March 23, 2020, 09:23:26 PM

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Neil Choi

Considering the worsening COVID-19 crisis and conforming to the government's direction to halt non-essential activities and unnecessary gatherings, AROCA Motorsport events have been cancelled for the foreseeable period of time. Such that, Winton on April 19 and Sandown on May 9 sprints will not be happening. The situation will be assessed as COVID-19 develops and AROCA will notify all via various social media formats and email to participants. So stay tuned and stay safe. Thank you for your support and understanding. And remember social distancing, and especially on the race track once we are back on track.


Take care Neil, and all our Alfisti friends wherever you are.  Troubling times but we will get through it and once again enjoy all the pleasures of life.
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Gone......far too many to list