Twin Spark Cup Calendar and rule changes

Started by John Burkhart, February 25, 2020, 01:26:02 PM

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John Burkhart

Hi all,

The 2020 Twin Spark Cup calendar and some regulation changes have been released at

RoundDateStateVenueCompetitionPoints-scoring roundLicense TypeEntry Form
1March 14 & 15NSWSydney Motorsport Park, GP CircuitVeloce Racing Association/ Motor Racing AustraliaYesAASA
2April 18 & 19NSWWakefield Park RacewayVeloce Racing Association/ Wakefield Park Motor Race SeriesYesAASA
3April 19VicWinton Motor RacewayAlfa Racing/ AROCA (Vic)YesAASA
June 6 & 7 (TBC)QldMorgan Park RacewayItalian Challenge/ Motorsport Australia QLD Circuit Racing State ChampionshipYesMotorsport Australia
4June 14VicWinton Motor Raceway Alfa Racing/ AROCA (Vic)YesAASA 
5August 8 & 9NSWWakefield Park RacewayVeloce Racing Association/ Motor Racing AustraliaYesAASA 
6 November 15VicWinton Motor RacewayAlfa Racing/ AROCA (Vic)YesAASA 
7 October 31 -  November 1 (TBC) NSW Wakefield Park Raceway Veloce Racing Association/ Truck Racing Yes AASA   

*In the unlikely event that we are invited to either the Shannons Nationals or the Winton Festival of Speed, these will be included as points-scoring rounds automatically.

Regulations for 2020
The Twin Spark Cup regulations are based on Motorsport Australia's (or the artist formerly known as CAMS) 3E Production Touring Cars category. Please consult the 2020 Motorsport Australia regulations for changes to 3E Production Touring Cars. For example regarding the inclusion of a mandatory rain light (Motorsport Australia Manual | Race | Circuit Race Standing Regulations | Section 6.9). Be sure to also consult the "Race - General" and "General Requirements for Cars and Drivers" documents.

The Twin Spark Cup regulations are carried over from 2019 with the following changes:

  • Slotted and/or dimpled rotors of the standard size will be permitted
  • ABS and vehicle stability control systems may be disabled or left enabled.

The pointscoring system remains unchanged from 2019.

  • There will be 120 points available per event to the first place-getters
  • The best four rounds contested will count towards a driver's final score
  • Points from a maximum of three rounds in any one state will be counted.

John Burkhart

Please note that the Committee has decided that all VRA and all Alfa Racing rounds will be counted, so Round 7 will now be included if the event in November at Wakefield Park is confirmed.