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Concern about Seller
« on: February 25, 2020, 09:12:30 AM »
I recently contacted by PM one of our sellers on the forum regarding some alloy wheel rims. Wanting more details about the rims, I offered my name, phone and email and asked about price.  After a long and protracted process of many PMs I was told that no name, phone or other contact would be provided.  I then asked if a respected Alfa person in Melbourne could look at the rims for me (I don't live in Melbourne).  I was then told that I had to pay for the wheels or pay a requested deposit before he would even 'get the wheels out of storage'.  Personally, I found this approach unacceptable and became suspicious. I would not pay for something that I had no chance to see or have verified.  I contacted the moderator.
Thanks Merv
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