1985 Alfetta GTV6 3.0l (South African)

Started by love alfas, February 24, 2020, 12:29:57 PM

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love alfas

Hello fellow members,

Would anyone know if there are any Genuine factory numbered South African GTVs in Western Australia?
If you have one, or know someone who currently owns one, PLEASE let me know.

Looking forward to know.



There were another two that I know of that were in Perth - a white one and a grey one. I think Esperan still has his white one here in Perth and the other grey one used to be owned by John Geha but was sold and went over to Sydney a few years back.

love alfas

Hi Mate,

Thank you for your response.

I would like to enquire the rest of Australia, in order to establish the actual numbers and in which states.

At this stage you are the only one who has responded, with information.
Esperan please confirm if you still own the white GTV.