Author Topic: Alfa Romeo 156 GTA vs 147 GTA vs GT 3.2  (Read 364 times)

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Alfa Romeo 156 GTA vs 147 GTA vs GT 3.2
« on: September 11, 2019, 04:52:30 PM »
It turns out there are people thinking that GT 3.2 is way different from 147/156 GTA. So took my time and dug though which is an online parts catalog for all brands and compared these models in detail.

And while they do in fact look completely different, mechanically these three cars are almost identical.

Here are the base stats:
power outpur (kWt, rpm, bhp)
156 GTA 184 6200 246.7
147 GTA 184 6200 246.7
GT 3.2 176 6200 236

Torque is the same, so is 0-100 time.

Next are the dimensions:
weight, wheelbase, front track, rear track
156 GTA 1410 2595 mm 1522 mm 1509 mm
147 GTA 1360 2546 mm 1516 mm 1504 mm
GT 3.2 1410 2596 mm 1524 mm 1510 mm

A bit different but not by much.

Then I went into those online part catalogs and found the following few differences:
rear dampers
rear springs
rear sway bars
front dampers (different in 156, same in 147 and GT)
front subframe (different in GT)
rear subframe (different in 147)
steering rack (different in 156)
plenum (different in GT) - but I reckon it's just because of the label on top

All the folliwing part numbers match:
upper and lower front arms
all the rear arms
front sway bar
front springs
that fork at the bottom of the front damper
front upright/knuckle
rear knuckle
rear wheel bearing
all 4 camshafts
both cylinder heads
engine bottom
throttle body
front brake calipers
rear brake calipers
gearbox assembly

And while the rear dampers have different part numbers, all aftermarket suppliers have them the same for all the three cars. Same with sway bars. And the difference in track width could be explained by different rims/tires.

There's also some information on bidy rigidity:

156 Saloon: 110000 daNm/rad
156 Sportwagon: 96000 daNm/rad
147 3dr: 110000 daNm/rad
147 5dr: 95000 daNm/rad
Alfa GT is more than 100,000 daNm/rad

Or alternatively:
156 Saloon: 19200 Nm/deg
156 Sportwagon: 16750 Nm/deg
147 3dr: 19200 Nm/deg
147 5dr: 16600 Nm/deg

The sources for rigidity info are dodgy - some old press releases saved on third party site and some forums. And likely to be of base versions, not GTA. But that's what I could get.

Here's the spreadsheet with all part numbers and technical data on the second tab: