12v silicone hose set

Started by Pulsey, July 17, 2019, 02:51:31 PM

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Does anybody know if there is anyone who makes a silicone hose set for the v6? Mainly need the coolant ones. Can only find kits for the turbo



hiperformancestore.com used to, but I don't know whether they still do.  Rubber are of course readily available in most places..


That's all I could find, but unfortunately the site is dead and dont reply to emails


Why not just use rubber hoses?


I have the silicone radiator hose set from eBay years ago. Samco brand that was about $80~100 by memory.  Excellent quality and fit. However... They no longer sell them on eBay, only on their site I think. And from searching last week, they only list one Alfa I found, the "2000 gtv" set. Will be buying some sooner or later.