Author Topic: 147 2.0 Refrigerant Hoses - a Hidden "Gotcha"  (Read 344 times)

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147 2.0 Refrigerant Hoses - a Hidden "Gotcha"
« on: February 12, 2019, 05:24:43 PM »
Executive summary: A ramble, about something you probably don't care about.  ;D

Around 2004 Alfa changed two of the three 147 TS refrigerant hose assemblies - the main hardlines, and the compressor pad link hoses.  The link from condenser to drier remained unaltered.

Visually, the charge ports moved from the compressor pad to the RH chassis rail near the coolant expansion tank. The baffled chamber also moved location. Most significantly, and almost certainly in the face of reports back to "the office", the suction line coupling was changed from a lugged style to a quick-connect item with 360į of possible rotation.  This makes it easier to manhandle the compressor while still gassed up, and not stress the aluminium hardlines.

However, Alfa failed to address a big problem - suction line chafing on the fan shroud.  I've now seen four with this problem.

It was relatively easy to fix a chafed hose on the first style of hose, you brazed on two new crimp fittings and used your choice of regular aircon hose or "reduced barrier" after a test fit (match marking) to get any torsion out of the finished item.

Have run into a major snag on the second style of hose.  The Dayco (5/8" ID) hose and crimp collar OD is not a Goodyear (industry standard) size. So even if I could get a new quick disconnect end, the crimp tool would probably do a poor job on it. Of course, the hose itself is dear, 150-odd Euro plus freight if bought offshore.

After butting heads with my full time car AC mate, his suggestion was to convert to a common springlock fitting and use reduced barrier hose, the drawback is this requires removal of the main hardlines from the car to braze on the springlock male. I'll probably have a crack at this later in the week.