Is it a GTAM or not?

Started by Scott Farquharson, March 19, 2018, 12:04:13 AM

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You can mount the CAS off the side of a fuel pump delete bracket, assuming you're using an aftermarket ECU that lets you configure the CAS angle.


ah yes! thank you festy. I've arranged it now I didnt realise those covers were rocking horse poop haha. I managed an engine mock up and encountered potentially my next problem to solve. My plan was to use the alfa75 intercooler and run the charge pipe over the valve cover. I'm using a spider s3 fi intake and it looks like my intercooler will foul on the thermostat housing. I haven't yet confirmed this as the intercooler is winging its way across from italy as I type. But starting to consider solutions.


Amerigo Bigliazzi drove an A Alfetta GT at the Spa 24Hr race with a narrow angle big valve engine that was listed as a Alfetta GTAm. Some of these were ex rly cars converted to  circuit racing.Later for m
arresting purposes were listed as certain GTVs but had different flares than earlier  versions