2018 Alfa Romeo Twin Spark Cup - Victoria

Started by Evan Bottcher, December 31, 2017, 09:04:50 AM

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Neil Choi

Evan Bottcher

A couple of updates with regard to Twin Spark Cup racing and sprinting.

2019 Victorian competition rules have been published at http://www.alfaclubvic.org.au/motorsport/ (scroll down to the download section)
- Supersprints will have a 'twin spark' class
- Victorian Alfa Racing will have a 'twin spark cup' class for cars complying to the national TSC regulations.

National Twin Spark Cup category has published three technical bulletins which provide updates to the regulations published in May (download here: http://www.alfaclubnsw.org.au/motor-sport-motoring/race/)

TB0001 – relates to the Control Suspension and ordering procedures and costing
TB0002 – relates to the Category 1 Suspension modifications
TB0003 – relates to vehicle ride height

I've attached these documents here.

Happy Twin Sparking!
Newest to oldest:
'13 Alfa Mito QV
'77 Alfasud Ti
'74 Alfasud Sedan
'68 1750 GTV
--> Slow and Fun - my Alfa journal

Evan Bottcher

Newest to oldest:
'13 Alfa Mito QV
'77 Alfasud Ti
'74 Alfasud Sedan
'68 1750 GTV
--> Slow and Fun - my Alfa journal

John Burkhart

The first round of the Twin Spark Cup racing championship is next weekend (9th & 10th March 2019) at Eastern Creek (Sydney Motorsport Park - GP Circuit).

It's not too late to enter. Online entry at https://motorrace.com.au/event/sydney-300/

This is an AASA event.

5 Twin Spark race cars already entered.

I can probably help one or two people out with accommodation in Sydney if you make the trip up from Victoria. PM me if you want to take me up on this.


John Burkhart
0416 112 187

John Burkhart

The 2019 Australian Alfa Romeo TwinSpark Cup championship will be comprised of the following 8 rounds:

Round 1          9th & 10th March          SMSPNSW          VRA Round 1          AASA     Completed
Round 213th AprilSMSPNSWVRA Round 2AASACompleted
Round 314th AprilWintonVicAlfa Racing Round 1AASACompleted
Round 4(17th) 18th & 19th MaySMSPNSWShannons Nationals & TCR Round 1          CAMSOnline Entry Now Open at https://www.cams.com.au/
Entries close 12th May
Round 51st JuneSMSPNSWVRA Round 3AASAOnline Entry Now Open at https://motorrace.com.au/event/2019-round3/
Entries close 23rd May
Round 62nd JuneWinton VicAlfa Racing Round 2AASAEntry Now Open. Details and entry form at https://www.alfaclubvic.org.au/motorsport/
Round 715th SeptemberWakefield Park          NSWVRA Round 4AASAEntries Not Yet Open
Round 823rd NovemberWintonVicAlfa Racing Round 3AASAEntries Not Yet Open


AASA     Australian Auto-sport Alliance
CAMS     Confederation of Australian Motor Sport
SMSP     Sydney Motor Sport Park
TCRTouring Car Racing series
VRAVeloce Racing Association

John Burkhart

Points for the 2019 Cup will be awarded as follows:

Each competitor's best four rounds will be counted, with only 3 rounds in one state being counted.

There will be a pool of 120 points available for first place-getters for each round, split across the number of races in the round. See the table below for the examples for 3-race and 4-race rounds.

Points          3 races in       
a round
4 races in       
a round

John Burkhart

Results from TSC Round 1, 10th March, SMSP:

Race 1                              Race 2                              Race 3
1st (40 pts)               54 John Burkhart54 John Burkhart10 Brad Wilson
2nd (36 pts)10 Brad Wilson10 Brad Wilson54 John Burkhart
3rd (32 pts)6 David McKee6 David McKee6 David McKee
4th (28 pts)65 Richard McKee65 Richard McKee65 Richard McKee

John Burkhart

Results from TSC Round 2, 13th April, SMSP:

Race 1 – No Result     Race 2                              Race 3
1st (60 pts)               
280 Andrew Wilson280 Andrew Wilson
2nd (54 pts)
10 Brad Wilson10 Brad Wilson
3rd (48 pts)
54 John Burkhart54 John Burkhart

Points were calculated as though it was a 2-race round because all TSC cars were classified as DNF in Race 1

John Burkhart

Results from TSC Round 3, 14th April, Winton:

Race 1                              Race 2                              Race 3                              Race 4
1st (30 pts)               75 Hugh Harrison75 Hugh Harrison75 Hugh Harrison54 John Burkhart
2nd (27 pts)54 John Burkhart54 John Burkhart54 John Burkhart53 Stephen Aarons
3rd (24 pts)53 Stephen Aarons53 Stephen Aarons53 Stephen Aarons

John Burkhart

Alfa Romeo TwinSpark Cup Australia Championship Ladder after Round 3:

Competitor and Number          Total Points          Rounds
Total of
Best 4 Rounds
#6 David McKee96196
#10 Brad Wilson2202220
#53 Stephen Aarons99199
#54 John Burkhart3233323
#65 Richard McKee84184
#75 Hugh Harrison90190
#280 Andrew Wilson1201120

John Burkhart

Entry forms for Rounds 4 and 5 of the TwinSpark Cup are now available, and Round 6 is just around the corner too.

Round 4 Sydney Motorsport Park (aka SMSP/SMP/Eastern Creek) 17th - 19th May.
This is part of the Shannons Nationals Sydney round and includes the first round of the Australian TCR series.
The Entry Portal for racers is now open and is via CAMS site. Select "2019 Shannons Nationals - Round 1 (Alfa Challenge)" on 17th May https://www.cams.com.au/ Entries close 12th May

Round 5 Sydney Motorsport Park (aka SMSP/SMP/Eastern Creek) 1st June.
This is part of the third round of the MRA Series.
Online entry now open and event details through the MRA website https://motorrace.com.au/event/2019-round3/. Entries close 23rd May 2019.

Round 6 Winton is 2nd June.
This event is run by AROCA Vic and we'll run as a class in the Alfa Racing series.
Entries are now open! Go to https://www.alfaclubvic.org.au/motorsport/ for event details and the entry form.

John Burkhart

Hi again Twin Spark Cuppers,

2019 Australian Twin Spark Cup Championship Ladder (after 8 of 9 rounds)

Pos   Driver      Total Points   Rounds 
                          From Best      Competed
                          4 Rounds         

1   John Burkhart   455         7   *
2   Richard McKee   352         4   
3   Brad Wilson   340         5   *
4   Andrew Wilson   304         4   *
5   Stephen Aarons   201         2   
6   Urs Muller      192         2
7   Hugh Harrison   180         2
8   Thomas Muller   112         1
9   David McKee   96         1
10   Leon Saliba   68         1

* Denotes driver has dropped rounds as part of points tally calculation. Note max of 3 rounds are counted in any one state.

Twin Spark Cup (race cars) Lap Records

Circuit         TSC Lap Record      Driver      Date         Session
SMP Gardiner      1:58.5837         John Burkhart   19/05/2019   Race 2
SMP Druitt         1:20.4165         Andrew Wilson   13/04/2019   Race 3
Wakefield Park      1:14.8908         Thomas Muller   15/09/2019   Race 3
Winton Long Circuit   1:44.9553         Hugh Harrison   2/06/2019      Race 1
Winton Short Circuit   1:12.7156         John Burkhart   2/06/2019      Race 3
Phillip Island      2:01.6885         Hugh Harrison   6/07/2019      Practice 2

All times above are taken from Natsoft.com.au

The final round of the 2019 season will be at Winton on 23rd November as part of AROCA's Alfa Racing series.

John Burkhart

The final results for the 2019 Alfa Romeo Twin Spark Cup were posted on www.twinsparkcup.com.au website.

Here is the summary:
Alfa Romeo Twin Spark Cup Racing Series
Championship Results 2019

Position   DriverTotal Points
- Best 4 Rounds 
Total Points
- All Rounds
1John Burkhart4558741*
2Brad Wilson4396651*
3Andrew Wilson3585434*
4Richard McKee3524352
5Hugh Harrison3003300
6Stephen Aarons2703270
7Urs Muller1922192
8Thomas Muller1121112
9David McKee96196
10Sheldon McIntosh84184
11Leon Saliba68168