Training opportunity for Bronze Circuit Officials

Started by alfagtv58, September 05, 2008, 03:19:29 PM

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Dear Club members,

This training opportunity may be of interest to many of your club members so its distribution would be appreciated. A copy is on the web based (VIC) Training Calendar.

Category:                            Bonze level Circuit Official (incl. Speed events)

Accreditation:                    Can be used for the following positions:
Sector Marshalls, Chief Marshalls, Flag Marshalls, Spectator Marshalls, Judges/Starters, CRO, Communicators, Observers, Track Marshalls, Pit Lane Marshalls, Grid Marshalls, Vehicle Recovery, Equipment Supply, Safety/ Course Car Crews, Boundary Riders, Parc Ferme, Radar Gun Operators, Safety Officer

The course will be run in two segments.
1. Wednesday evening October 22nd 7 – 10.30 pm
2. Saturday morning  October 25th 8.30 am – 12.30 pm  It is mandatory to successfully complete both segments

Interested parties should contact  Bruce Carter email: or via phone(Wednesday-Friday) 03 9593 7777

Kind regards
Bruce Carter
Confederation of Australian Motorsport
State Office Victoria
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