Author Topic: 159 JTD - Auto - Gearbox problem - Won't change above 3rd gear (RESOLVED)  (Read 9139 times)

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Hi guys sorry for the slow reply.

So eventually the gearbox has been sorted. What had happened was that the cooling system for the transmission had failed and the previous owner had replaced the water pump but continued driving it whist it was broken. Eventually the valve body had failed, and was initially replaced but the car still had issues.

As a result of the valve body being driven in a bad condition numerous other parts: gaskets, seals, bushes, drum, piston, converter, bearings and clutch had to be replaced. In essence the transmission has been fully reconditioned. Fortunately it was all covered under a statutory warranty, and the total cost came to $3050.

I guess the moral of the story is if the cooling system fails, repair it before the valve body and other parts become affected.

Hope that helps any others.  8)