Alfasud Boxer 1.5 Liter Engine Oil & Spark Plug Recommendations?

Started by riargs, December 06, 2016, 06:49:28 PM

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Hey Dave, is this the 1995 engine you have in your Sud?

Its the only 1995 boxer motor, '84' code engine number I found: 1994-1996, OE 145, M1, 1.3ie , 8V, 'uncomplete engine' ??

Please correct me if I am wrong, part numbers can change or be superceded ...  Check around the Fiat ePer site, it's always interesting!

What were you told the oil filters were when you bought the case?   Alfasud filters (70's/80's) ? Alfa 33 filters (80's/90's) ??  or  Alfa 145 filters (90's) ??

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Hey Buddy, Thanks for the reply!

Yes, that is the engine I have!

It had a black Mahle oil filter on it when I got it, which I replaced with the orange Alfa filter. The guy in Germany that had the case of filters said they were for his 1982 Alfasud, he sold the car years ago and forgot he had the case of filters in his garage, so he put them on fleabay and I snatched them up...

What do you think? Are they good to go? Or should I get some newer filters?

Thanks again Pal...if you have a chance please have a look at my other post about wiring an electric fuel pump for this car - for some reason not a single person has responded to my query...

Looking forward to chatting more with you guys about these wonderful cars!

Gus M

Hey guys, what is the oil filter to buy for the 1.5 ti motor?


Check out the following Supercheap website for the correct Oil filter applicable for your Alfa Romeo Sud. Just need to use the vehicle identifier "My Garage" functionality and just enter the details Make, Model & Series.  This functionality can also be used for the correct spark plugs and other serviceability items available for your car.

Sportscar Nut

Gus, you can still find OEM filters for the Boxer engine but they are no longer orange. Fiat Group supply filters that are identical to the original Alfa filters and fit various Italian cars.

I never liked the aftermarket filters as they are a generic size and bigger than the Alfa oil filters and hence capture more oil.

The Italian Job in Melbourne has the oil filters.



Hi Gus,

Domenic or Robert @ Italian Automotive Spares can assist with all your requirements. Their knowledge and parts base is immense. Club sponsors and supporters also. I use the same Clean Filter, Engineered and Made in Italy,  in my 1.5 33 QV and my 16V QV's. Price wise they are far more reasonable than other alternatives too.

The exact same filter is also used for the Lancia Delta Integrale 16V so I think they are more than up to the job.

As for oils see:

Cheers, Phil

1992 33 1.7 16v QV - white     1998 156 Twin Spark - white     1990 33 1.7 16v QV - silver     1985 33 1.5 QV - silver

Past:   '81 Alfasud ti      '76 Alfasud ti

Sportscar Nut

Phil, do Italian Auto Spares stock any factory NOS parts for old Alfas?

Have used Penrite HPR30 and now HPR10 in the Sud for almost 30 years now - great oil.