Paintless dent repair

Started by alfagtv58, April 09, 2010, 11:21:13 AM

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carlo rossi

again it comes down to who does your job '
I personally have had some great results using the dent removal system
and would recommend it
'The great part is if your not happy with it they can then do it the old fashioned way
BUT this method has its flaws
Because it is insurance they will only paint within reason the area affected
and match maybe good today but in 5 years you will see the blending
if you use this method first you end up with BOG on the entire panel
as opposed to using both sysytems where you get just a light skim across
and sanded back amost to nothing
SO do dents first then if needed do the other
This is how they should do it anyway in my opinion 
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