CAMS Organisational Review/Blueprint - Vic State Council Feedback and Discussion

Started by Scott Farquharson, June 19, 2008, 02:07:53 PM

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Scott Farquharson

This is the feedback from Vic State Council on the CAMS Organisational Review/Blueprint.

This review will result in the most significant changes to CAMS for some time.

Please read the attachment and provide feedback - would love to hear your thoughts.

My thoughts.....
Most troubling from my point of view is the proposal to broaden CAMS scope to become more of a body representing motoring enthusiasts rather than focusing on motorsport.  I am of the view that we need a strong body focusing on motorsport and the issues that it faces without the distraction of other topics better served by motoring bodies such as the RACV or NRMA.

In my view club level motorsport (my focus is on the circuit based disciplines but can be transferred to the others) has a number of challenges that require the full attention of our peak body:
*  Lack of circuits/facilities
*  Cost containment
*  No clear category management strategy from grassroots to national
*  Safety regs approriate to club motorsport
*  Less and simpler beauracracy and paperwork
*  Representation to Government

I believe that CAMS should focus on the needs of participation motorsport, on the clubs that own it and on the services they need.

Any move that would dilute the focus from these pressing issues would in my opinion be a disaster.

Scott Farquharson
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