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Started by Scott Farquharson, June 18, 2008, 04:00:52 PM

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Scott Farquharson

13 Jun 2008

In recent months CAMS has continued its support of club motor sport through a number of initiatives.

CAMS Club Funding Program

Earlier this year, with the generous support of the Australian Government through the Australian Sports Commission, CAMS announced its Club Funding Program with $55,000 for distribution to CAMS affiliated clubs across Australia.

Grants will be awarded for the development of club level motor sport with special consideration being given to projects aimed at stimulating membership growth, particularly those aimed at engaging youth through a structured youth development program and people with disabilities, women and from a culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

To further demonstrate its commitment to club development, the NCDC has made provision for multi-year funding agreements, which could provide clubs with funding over a two year period.

Since the implementation of the Club Funding Program in 2004, CAMS, with the support of the Australian Government has provided support totalling approximately $165,000 to 35 clubs for a variety of projects.

Applications closed on 23 May and an announcement regarding the successful clubs will be made shortly.

Simplified and improved Khanacross & Motorkhana regulations

In recent months CAMS has had cause to review its event regulations, paying particular attention to those events that are club based. In doing this, CAMS has made two significant changes to club level activity that will improve the way that such events are conducted.

Firstly, CAMS made an amendment to the Khanacross regulations to allow up to two competing cars on a test at any one time.

Secondly, the CAMS Board recently approved a number of changes to the Motorkhana regulations, including an amendment so that the Clerk of the Course is the only Essential Official required at Club and Multi Club Motorkhana's. This coincides with the simplification of the event related paperwork of these events which will be launched in the coming weeks.

National Club Development Committee Meeting

The CAMS National Club Development Committee (NCDC) met in Sydney at the end of May to determine its business plan for the next 2 years. The plan focuses on promoting club activity and the club movement and there are a number of initiatives that will come out of it that will be good news for our clubs. Standby, more details will follow in the coming months.
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