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Started by John Hanslow, June 17, 2008, 12:30:27 PM

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John Hanslow

There has been a lot of threads regarding these cars and its great to get contributions from enthusiasts and memders in various states.

In summary I would like to say this:
1. A 164 is a reasonably cheap car to buy but can be expensive to maintain.
2.  With numerous cars for sale on various sites, you have the option to test drive and purchase the right car for you at the best price.
4. This would be a car that can easily (cheaply) be fixed up/roadworthy or purchased one that is.
5. Consider mandatory 164 fix ups i.e. stepper motors, they should have all been done by now.
6. A car that is approaching 20 years of age needs some extra work, thats why the cars are cheap in the first place.
7. 164Q's are rare cars but much respected - are like a '4 door Ferarri'.
8. Gear box repairs are expensive for all modern cars.  And an auto for a standard 164 is minimum about $3k for a start.
9. Yes 166's are now reasonably cheap and a follow on for our beloved cars - with new technology. They are actually great value as most have been well serviced with all major work done. 

I will still luv my car because it looks good, sounds great.

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I agree having been a owner a 164 and now had a 166 for a few years. Loved the 164 and in automatic form actually had a better calibrated auto than the 166 with all it's electronics. One thing i can say is that Alfa got the interior quality right with the 166 (Light years ahead of the 164) and much better than the 156 also.

If you are looking for a manual then no question the 164Q is a great car. If you want something more modern then the 166 is a great car though in their infinite wisdom Ateco only imported the automatic which sort of killed the sales on the car from the start. Then again Ateco do that alot with Alfa's probably why the Alfa sales are looking very sickly this year.


Hi team,  I love Alfa 164Q.  They have plenty of power great to drive and very comfortable.  For the money you can't get better than that.
Love em, Love em, Love em.

I do have a problem though.  Does anyone know how to reset the electric seats?  I went to clean my car this morning and when finished I went to slide it back and now it only moves 2 - 3 cm.  All other features work.  I heard there was a reset method for these seats.  Can anyone help me please.