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Started by alfagtv58, May 02, 2008, 09:23:27 AM

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For all those interested in doing their CAMS OLT....

Details of an Observed Licence Test (Circuit) to be conducted on Friday May 16th 2008

Dear Club Members,

We will be conducting an Observed Licence test (OLT) on May 16th 2008 at the Phillip Island Motor Racing Circuit for those members  interested in obtaining their Provisional Circuit licence or a Provisional Clubman Circuit licence. This date should be noted and passed on to interested members.

This information has also been posted on the Victorian Website and those already on waiting lists have been contacted.

Prior to this date all participants are reminded that the following steps need to have been completed.

1.       Forwarded the relevant application to Member Services complete with Medical examination results.

2.       To have successfully completed the circuit lecture. We would highly recommend that this be completed by attending a lecture to be conducted at the State Office Meeting Room, Confederation of Australian Motor Sport, 851 Dandenong Road East Malvern, at 7.30 pm for an 8.00pm on Monday may 12th. Entry to the room is via the rear carpark.

If you are unable to attend this evening please contact Member Services and the Circuit lecture may be completed on line. I would caution that this should not be left to the last minute as two failures mean the face to face session is mandatory.

3.       Ensure that you have been issued with a PLA prior to May 16th. This is the provisional Authority to let you drive on the circuit for this day.

Member Services can be contacted on 1300 653 529

For those members that have successfully completed the Circuit lecture prior to this date should note this on their licence application or notify Member Services to ensure this fact is not overlooked.

The attached file contains the Supplementary regulations for the day together with an entry form that needs to be completed and returned as noted. Please read these carefully to ensure that you have a stress free day.

As soon as received from the organisers I will be circulating a more detailed days running sheet, scrutiny details and meeting place.

Kind regards

Bruce Carter
Confederation of Australian Motor Sport
State Office Victoria
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