CAMS commissioned report shows Australian motor sport contributes $2.7 Billion

Started by Evan Bottcher, November 24, 2014, 08:02:39 PM

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Evan Bottcher

I heard about this at the Vic state council meeting (which I now attend as the Vic club delegate to CAMS my life is so exciting).  CAMS commissioned a report by Ernst and Young into the economic benefit of motorsport in Australia.

QuoteCAMS has always known that motor sport is a significant generator of economic activity, of stimulus to the economy and is an employer and creator of jobs.
This report, by respected economic consultants and researchers Ernst & Young, substantiates that view.
The analysis has found that in 2013 Australian motor sport generated $2.7 billion in direct industry output, $1.2 billion in direct value add, and 16,181 direct jobs.
Motor sport events generated 30% of the motor sport industry's output, namely $0.8 billion in direct industry output, $0.4 billion in value added, and 4888 jobs.

It's going to be used to try to attract more government support amongst other things, and was done with full co-operation from AASA and Speedway Australia (non-CAMs motorsport organisations).  A quote from the meeting I attended: "CAMS receives $300k in government funding, touch football receives $600k".
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Hopefully their accounting isn't as creative as the Grand Prix Corporation's!
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I only just saw this report Evan. Very interesting. Good on CAMS for commissioning such a report.

That's a staggering number of jobs.