New procedure for acquiring a Club Permit renewal/ new applications processed

Started by massiveluvbuddy67, October 11, 2014, 04:38:32 PM

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You might be interested in how historic registration for 'oldtimers' is handled in the land of exacting procedures -- Germany.

"...the tax authorities are also fond of oldies."  No idea what that means!  Maybe hinting that if the car is worth registering it might also be assessable as an asset?

They also have a clause "Your vehicle must be appraised as a vehicle of cultural value."  So your Ford Laser or Suzuki Vitara might not qualify for a H-plate. 

You don't have to be a member of a club.  No log books.  No usage restrictions.  But -- the formidable TuV periodic inspection regime still applies.

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Question:  Is there any way of paying the fee for a Club Permit renewal WITHOUT visiting a VicRoads centre ... or sending them a cheque?  Basically can you do this as you would for a normal registration which can be done online and doesn't require things to be stamped?
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A question: Just sent off on Wednesday last week a new club permit application to the address on page one.  All good I thought ...

Now, when reading at the latest Cross and Serpent, which arrived on Thursday, I read new postal addresses, three, for General Enquiries;  Membership Enquiries and Renewals; and CPS Applications and Renewals.

None of which match the address on page one where I have sent my club permit application form, Vehicle eligibility form and RWC ...   

Have I now lost all the paperwork for my application?

If there are indeed 'new' addresses for the above Topic, can this topic be edited/modified/re-written to be up to date?

Thanks,  Phil
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Just to update this post, the addresses for CPS Applications and Renewals, as per Cross and Serpent, November 2017 are as follows:

CPS Applications & Renewals

CPS Officer, AROCA Vic

P O Box 7076

Banyule   VIC   3084

nb.  The Camberwell P O address is still applicable for General and Membership Enquiries & Renewals.
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Brad M

I've still got some influence in here, and have update the original post with the new PO details.

Just trying to avoid any delays ;)
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Hello all,

Who do I reach out to regards my membership. I have paid up and have evidence for the payment but do not seem to be receiving the Cross and Serpent magazines nor the new membership card ?

Can someone please direct message me ?

I have an Alfa 1974 GTV 105 2 litre full reg and an Alfa SZ ES30 1991 on club reg.

John Jardim

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Colin Edwards

Hello John,

Please contact the club Membership Secretary - Bruce Baum.  Details on club front page / about / contacts.


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A pity that the VicRoads website didn't show status of club permits the way it does for general registration, though I believe that may have changed?

I have one vehicle on permit that has never required an entry in four successive logbooks.  Makes more sense to renew and never use, than to cancel and then go through the far more complex club permit application required these days.

Anyway, a visit to the local VicRoads reveals the permit in question expired two years ago!!  I blame COVID.  Bureaucratic nightmare awaits, but I won't bother now until it's likely to actually turn a wheel.
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