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Title: 75 Twin Spark Drive Shaft
Post by: shane wescott on September 21, 2008, 03:37:56 PM
Hi Guys

Working on replacing the gearbox mounts.

So exhaust is off, not many probs with that, the usual tiny monkey hands were required etc.

Taken the rear bolts/nuts off the rear rubber drive shaft coupling, and removed the crossmember bolts that hold the gearbox up. All pretty boring stuff.

But the shaft doesnt really want to come down and therefore the gearbix is not dropping down enought for easy gearbox mount replacement.

So here is my question/looking for advice.

I need to pull the whole drive shaft out to replace all the couplings (trying to setup the Twin Spark for daily driver for a few years), is there a right/wrong way to do this.

I am marking things as I go to make sure things are in the same position, but just wondering if there are any other tips/tricks. I am assuming if I take the bolts out of the front coupling, the shaft will just drop out.

Any advice appreciated.

CAtch ya