Author Topic: WANTED!!! Alfetta GTV6/GTV4 dashboard or contacts to re-skin or have repaired!  (Read 1763 times)

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Hi there,
I'm fairly new to this forum! Can anyone help me? I wanting to buy a good condition Alfetta GTV6/GTV4 dash with no cracks (not the split type dash prior 83). I know I'm asking a lot but I know they still exist as I seen them before on line for sale and am now kicking myself I never purchased one and kept it for a rainy day. Well, it's now raining and I have recently purchased another Alfetta GTV after riding off my Alfa 75 a week after spending 1 year restoring it...shit happns!  >:( Does anyone have or know who has a GTV dashboard for sale? Or where the best place to get one reskinned or repaired would be that you don't have to take a loan for?  ;D My dash isn't that bad and could probably get away with repairing the minor cracks in it if that's even possible  ???
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