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Tow hooks
« on: May 22, 2012, 04:37:02 PM »

Recently,,at a few different race tracks,,tow hooks have failed.

Even one of my own prepared cars failed,while being dragged on a tow truck,the mount broke and the  race car falling off the back of the truck=.Alfetta GT
I thought it was more than adequate,,but it was not.
I witnessed this and was thankfull the lady was not behind it when it let loose.
Also on the weekend,,a Mustangs mount also broke,whipping the cable against the truck,sending the car off the back of the tow truck..
3 incidents at Eastern Creek on the weekend
2 discussed above.

This problem needs to be addressed by us all.

Maybe tow your race car up a big hill by the tow hook= front + rear while of corse= someone sitting in the race car with foot on brake just in case it breaks.
Feel confident that it will do the job,,especially if towed out of a sand trap.
A CAMS bulletin will be released shortly,,but for all you race car guys,,go read the requirements of tow hooks in the CAMS manual.
I know many dont comply,so have a look and a big pull with a tow vehicle.

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