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CAMS Apparel
« on: April 28, 2011, 11:48:34 AM »
The below applies to race events - I dont think there are any changes to the speed events.

I’m not sure if everyone else understands the new CAMS apparel regs ( ), but it appears I had misunderstood them slightly, as did a few other competitors @ Mallala on the weekend as a number of us were pulled up for an incorrect balaclava.  I had thought the new FIA 2000 regs only applied to gloves and boots, but in reading the rules properly it also applies to socks and balaclavas….sort of.

Gloves, Boots & Socks – need to be FIA 2000
Balaclava – If you have a helmet that applies to the ‘Level A’ then it is not mandatory to wear a balaclava.  If, however, your helmet falls under the ‘Level B’ or lower you are required to wear a balaclava and it needs to be to the FIA 2000 specs (old type not allowed).

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